AG Skin Repair

Silver Shell technology has been blended into an advanced range serums and lotions.   These wonderfully light and easily absorbed products leave skin feeling moist, supple, smooth, and soft.   The creation of these serums and lotions were inspired by the extensive numbers of clinical medical studies on the healing properties of chitosan and the protective properties of silver, the ingredients in the patented Silver Shell compound.   

Ag Skin Repair products support the bodies healing process resulting in stronger healthier skin. AG products reduce the damaging effects of harmful bacteria, diminish inflammation and irritation, lessen visible lines and promote a moist glowing youthful appearance.  


Collagen Serum

Silver Shell, the advanced active ingredient in our collagen serum, is clinically proven to deliver collagen into cells where it can be more readily absorbed and where it strengthens cell wall structures.  This provides the Active Glow of a youthful energetic appearance.


Anti-fatigue Serum

Awaken, energize, and stimulate your appearance with AG Active Glow Anti-fatigue Serum.  This moisturizing formulation uses the power of chitosan to stimulate production of good proteins in the skin cell growth process. 


After Sun

This amazing After Sun lotion employs the gentle healing properties of chitosan to calm inflammation, soothe irritation, and reduce redness. Chitosan stimulates the production of healing compounds in your body. This wonderful lotion feels very light on your skin and is easily absorbed.  It also forms a protective barrier that inhibits additional damage.  


Regenerative Serum

The wonderfully light formulation contains EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) poly-D-Glucosamine, that is known for its hydration properties. It actively aids the skins regenerative and immune system processes to balance growth factors in order to achieve a more vibrant, youthful, glowing appearance.  








AG Tattoo Serum

This serum is all about preserving the art and easing discomfort. This quick drying serum acts as a skin protectant and liquid bandage that helps achieve a more vibrant tattoo while inhibiting damaging bacterial growth.

You will want to apply AG Tattoo Serum immediately after and for several days after your art has been created.  The Silver Shell chitosan/silver complex is proven to reduce irritation and inflammation in damaged cells. Repeat applications will reduce infection risks, form a protective bio-film to retain moisture, preserve ink color, and stimulate cell growth processes for faster recovery.