Environmental Health 

The genesis of Chitozan Health LLC comes from the use of chitosan and chitosan/silver compounds to remove color dyes and kill bacteria in waste water at fabric mills in England. The process of using chitosan in this manner is well studied and scientifically proven safe and effective. Applying chitosan to fabric filter materials has application in water and air filtration for home, commercial, industrial, and municipal situations.

Industrial/medical air filters

Industrial/medical air filters

Air filtration

Silver Shell's silver/chitosan technology has been the subject of numerous research studies for its uses in a wide range of applications.   Fabric treated with Silver Shell is tested and proven for these benefits:

  • Antimicrobial - Silver Shell is lab tested to kill bacteria, viruses, fungus, and spores. Silver Shell has been effective at completely inhibiting MRSA, pseudomonas aeruginosa, salmonella, trichophyton mentagrophytes, dermatophilus congolensis, aspergillus niger, e-coli, and Bascillus, STAPH, Candida ablicans, and and is 99.94% effective against C-difficle spores, Chitosan/silver compounds are clinically proven completely effective in eradicating the H1N1 flu virus and methicillin-resistant super bacteria on contact.

  • Permanent treatment - Silver Shell was independently tested on non-woven media used in air filters. Two methods were performed to determine if shedding was occurring after media had been subjected to 100 FPM air velocity through the media. Measurements were taken of particles at micron sizes downstream from the media. Measurements were also taken by pulling samples from the media and analyzing them with a microscope for any shredded materials. Findings revealed that no detectable amount of fiber concentrations downstream had occurred on the treated silver/chitosan samples and that no shredding had occurred.

  • Air-flow - It was also noted that treated samples did not restrict air volume flow through the media.

  • Moisture - Treated fabric was tested for the impact of moisture because in many applications a moist environment may occur. Using the ASTM 2722 test shows that no loss of efficacy occurs over time in moist and hot environments.

Commercial industrial filtration

Commercial industrial filtration

Water filtration

Silver Shell was invented over a decade ago to treat waste water from fabric mills in England.  Its use has continued in municipal and commercial water treatment facilities. Chitosan and chitosan/silver compounds have been extensively clinically studied worldwide for use in water filtration industries.   Research has shown these results:

  • No toxicity to humans, animals, or the environment

  • Effective at eradicating threats from pathogens including parasites, gram-negative bacteria, and viruses

  • Effective at removing pesticides from water

  • Effective at removing metals including lead and arsenic from water

  • Effective at removing dyes from water

  • Clarifies water by sequestering oils and grease where they can be removed by filtration