Functional Textiles

Chitozan Health's patented Silver Shell compound is used to create an advanced antimicrobial textile finish that aids in maintaining healthy skin. Silver Shell T has been independently tested to withstand repeated commercial washing and not loose efficacy.  It has been lab tested and does not shed or flake off fibers.  It is designed to deeply penetrate to bond through out multiple layers of fibers.

Lab tests prove that it does not loose its efficacy over time. And, now there is evidence that wearing treated clothing may improve the health of individuals with atopic dermatitis and eczema by as much as 43%.

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Medical Settings

Silver Shell T textile finish is laboratory tested on fabrics to eradiate C-diff spores, MRSA, C-albicans, H1N1 Flu virus, and other gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.  Our finish withstands commercial and home washing, does not shed off, and does not noticeably alter the appearance of colored fabrics. There is also scientific evidence that it can aid those suffering from atopic dermatitis.

Recommended uses include bed linens, curtains, garments, and cleaning towels.

Children's Fabrics

Children's Fabrics

Child Care Settings

The spread of disease in child care settings occurs when children come in contact with objects or people carrying bacteria or virus. Treating children's clothing, play objects, and furniture may inhibit the spread of disease in these settings.

Military and Outdoor Clothing

Military and Outdoor Clothing

Rugged Use

Laboratory tested for its strong bonding action, Silver Shell won't flake or shed off of fabrics under tough windy or wet conditions. They are lab tested to keep their efficacy making them ideal for use in military garments, military fabrics, and rugged outdoor clothing.  Silver Shell withstands the rigors of active use with its strong covalent bonding properties.